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Composting Facility

Composting Facility

The biggest part of our operation here in Cobble Hill is composting.

We have a state of the art covered processing facility that breaks down compostable waste and removes the odour through cedar chip filtering. Every table scrap, eggshell, baked good and piece of yard and garden waste will be entering a loop that transforms them into nutrient-rich compost to create new growth.

Residential Composting Program

Now you can bring it to Fisher Road Recycling.

For a one time charge of $35 + GST, take home a lined, 48L heavy plastic bin.. When it is full, return it to us and for $5 +GST, swap it for another clean, empty, lined bin.

No muss, no fuss!

How kitchen waste becomes organic soil for your garden

  1. Material is received into the large, white, tented Receiving Building
  2. Air in the building is controlled for odours by a large fan and two biofilters
  3. Food waste, yard and garden material are minced and placed in one of three large cells for composting.
  4. After the material is removed from the cells, it is placed on controlled, aerated floors inside the receiving building for a period of time.
  5. After a period of time, the composted material is moved to one of three large outdoor aerated concrete pads designed to control odours by forced air.
  6. Once the product is aged, it is screened and sold to commercial businesses, landscapers and homeowners as Class A Compost.

View the Power point of all the Fisher road Recycling plans, improvements and explanations here.