5 Easy Tips for a Greener Office

Offices can often become one of the most wasteful places when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling. There are small things you can change at your office today to make it an eco-friendly place to work.

Here are five easy tips for a greener office:

1. Start using printer paper more efficiently. If possible, buy recycled paper for your printer and photocopy machine. When possible, ask staff to print on both sides of the page or use e-mail to share documents. Not only will this make your office greener, but it will save your business a ton of money on paper supplies.

2. Ask employees to bring their own Tupperware and cutlery from home to avoid using disposable dishes.  Not everyone will want to bring these from home, so have a set of cutlery and dishes available for staff to use at lunch. Set up a compost bin so that food scraps don’t end up in the garbage.

3. Be smart when buying furniture and office supplies. You can purchase refurbished office equipment so that they don’t end up in the landfill.  Donate all of your old office furniture to local charities, or auction them off to your employees.

4. Reuse as much as possible. Set up a spot in your office storage room for used binders, folders, inserts, and other business supplies. These items can often be reused simply by adding a new label.

5. This last tip may seem obvious, but make sure all of your recycling is easily accessible by all employees. Set up a bin for cardboard, plastics and soda cans in the lunchroom and a bin for batteries and cartridges near the printer and photocopy machine.  Your employees are more likely to use these bins if they are nearby.

These are just some of the things you can do to reduce waste at your office. Making these changes shows that you’re a business that wants to reduce their carbon footprint and cares about the world they work in.

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