Recycle Your Leaves - Fall is Coming

Do any of these scenarios sound like something you’d do:

1) Withdraw money from an ATM machine and quickly deposit it into a nearby trash can.
2) Drive your car to the nearest underpass or bridge and leave it running with the keys inside.
3) Take a ferry out to the middle of the Strait of Georgia where you immediately toss your watch
and wallet overboard.

I’m guessing none of these scenarios is something you’d do, because who in their right mind would
literally throw away valuables. But every fall, many people throw away pure gold when they rake, bag and set leaves out on the curb for the garbage man to pick up.

Here are some ways you can recycle your leaves this fall:


If you currently have a compost heap, pile your raked leaves beside it. Next summer you can easily
mix these leaves with your grass clippings to make an excellent and rich compost. If you don’t have a compost pile, you can simply place the leaves in a garbage bag, poke a few holes and water the bag well. The leaves will eventually decompose and next summer you’ll have a crumbly leaf mold that is a potent soil addition.

Leaves as Mulch

Did you know that leaves make a terrific mulch? Why spend money on bags of expensive mulch when your trees give it to you for free. A simple way to chop up the leaves is to mow over them before raking, or you can rake and then place them in a garbage can and take a weed whacker to them.

For the Lazy Landscaper

What I’m about to say will seem taboo to many, but the fact is, leaves don’t necessarily have to be raked every fall. By mowing over them you will chop them up to a size that will easily fall back into the grass and decompose, fertilizing your yard. Also, some of the leaves will be carried away by the wind where they will end up as a natural shrub border that will protect your plant’s roots from cold weather.

This year, don’t throw away pure gold, recycle it instead.

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