Things You Should Never Buy New

Buying “new” is a default for many of us. We’ve been conditioned to go to the store, walk down the correct aisle, and purchase what we’ve come for. Yet, a trip to your local thrift store may prove to be just as effective. Keep a running list of the household and clothing items you need and make short frequent visits to the thrift store nearest you and discover how easily you find what you need. Plus, there’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt! When treasures appear, you can hardly believe your good fortune. As well, your wallet and our good planet will thank you for it. So, before you reach for what is shiny and new, we’ve made a fantastic list of household and clothing items you can expect to find at any thrift store. The list is aptly called, “Things You Should Never Buy New”.

The “ Things You Should Never Buy New” List

Kid rain boots
To-go coffee mugs (look for the kind that have a pressure fit, e.g. the top fits straight down on top of the base, not the twist and screw kind)
Fabric (suitable for most crafty projects)
Kid jeans
Kid plastic toys
Halloween costumes
Door hooks
Wooden or plastic kitchen utensils (e.g. Tongs)
Beach bag or gym bag
Beads (cut from existing necklaces)
Christmas decor
Pots (to use for camping)
Large serving trays
Ice cube trays
Wooden nut and chip bowls
Badminton rackets
Candle holders

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