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Residential Recycling Tips

Since 2006, we’ve been helping South Cowichan residents save the planet by moving to zero waste.While we do not presently perform household pickups, these tips will help you prepare your recycling to bring to the depot

All chargeable items are based on a metric tonne (1000 kgs)


1. Make Friends with your garbage
Up until recently, more than half of what ends up our landfill is totally recyclable. Knowing what’s in your garbage that can be recycled is the first step towards efficient recycling.

2. Give your home a “Recycling Makeover”
Families that have a simple recycling system in place recycle more. Have appropriate containers in the right places in your home. This will minimize household clutter and you’re your recycling fast and easy.

Keep a container near your kitchen garbage can and empty it when you take out the trash. Where else could you put containers in your home? Perhaps the garage, family room or home office.

3. Make recycling a family affair
Everyone in the family can be involved in recycling, not just the parents. Let eeryone know about what can and can’t be recycled, and have everyone check to make sure other family members are doing a good job recycling. You can write on containers, ‘paper only,’ ‘food waste only,’ or ‘cans and plastic.’  

4. Say goodbye to “ickiness”
Many of us hide hard-to-clean containers such as peanut butter jars at the bottom of the garbage, praying that no one will find out. Buy a spatula or brush to make that job easier. Hard-to-clean containers can be soaked with warm, soapy water to make cleaning easier.

5. Food waste and food-soiled paper now can be recycled.
Fruits and vegetables, egg shells, nut shells can be recycled – even food soiled paper such as paper plates, napkins, pizza boxes and frozen food containers. These items can make up nearly 30 percent of our residential garbage.

6. Recycle more frequently so that it is not a huge chore
Make recycling something you do at least once a week. Stop off at Fisher Road Recycling depot as part of your weekly or semi weekly shopping trip. That way, it is not onerous and something you avoid.

Do you have recycling tips you would like to share? If so, email us at

Download these residential recycling tips here.