Community Concerns

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Given the nature of our business, odors and loud noises sometimes occur at our facility. Fortunately, we have the proper equipment and procedures in place to mitigate the possible impact our operation has on the local community. If you have concerns regarding any noises or odors noticed in the local area and feel they originate from Fisher Road Recycling, please fill out the appropriate form which is linked below. Additionally, for an accurate odor or noise investigation to occur, it is imperative to provide as much information on the complaint form as possible as soon as an odor or noise is noticed.

Once a complaint form is submitted the complaint becomes a matter of public record and Fisher Road Recycling as well as the Cowichan Valley Regional District is notified in real time, and an investigation is initiated.

Form Links

Please note that Fisher Road Recycling will not be able to inform you of the status of your complaint as this is done directly through the CVRD. For any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact form or calling 250-733-2108.