Fisher Road Recycling Plans Upgrade Work

Fisher Road Recycling (FRR) located at 1355 Fisher Road in Cobble Hill plans to upgrade its existing composting building commencing the week of December 2, 2019.

As part of its ongoing commitment to control odour and improve operations, FRR will install an air curtain for the main facility door. The delivery time for the air curtain is expected to be up to 6 weeks. In addition, and as part of ongoing improvements on the property, FRR will be replacing the cover of their composting building (originally constructed 2007). These expenditures will further assist in increased odour controls going forward.

The cover replacement is expected to take 20-30 days (weather dependent).  Efforts will be taken to minimize odours during this time, however, as a result of the removal of the old cover in 6 sections, there may be temporary odours while the replacement work is being doine.
FRR remains committed to addressing the community odour issues that may have emanated from the facility and thanks community members that have provided constructive feedback. Residents are encouraged to use the CRVD online complaint form to report the concerns, and FRR will continue to respond to the best of their ability.