Demolition Waste

How to bring Drywall into Fisher Road Recycling

Construction / Demolition Waste Disposal

Customers who are wanting to dispose demolition waste/renovation waste require several pieces of documentation prior to being able to dump at DL Bins/ Fisher Road Recycling 

Customers must present the following to scale attendant prior to entering the transfer station:
  1. The customer must have a Hazardous Materials Survey Report document completed on the building or structure by an approved testing     laboratory, PRIOR to demolition.
  2. For renovation waste which contains suspect asbestos containing materials; bulk sample analytical testing results must be provided which state the material(s) does not contain asbestos. If analytical results do not accompany the material or the material has tested positive for asbestos, the load will not be accepted
  3. Demolitionwaste: If the Hazardous Material Survey report indicates the house or structure contains asbestos containing materials, the Customer must have an Abatement Clearance Letter signed off by an approved testing laboratory or from the same company that completed the Hazardous Material Survey report.
  4. The Hazardous Material Survey must also include testing results for (TCLP) Lead Leachability Testing.
  5. Once the above noted documents are in our possession, MANAGEMENT must review to ensure the materials are safe for disposal. Once management confirms the material is safe for disposal, approval will be given to the customer or scale attendant and the load will be accepted.
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Below is contact information for customers needing appropriate analytical tests completed.

  1. Northwest Environmental- 250-210-2950
  2. AREC Environmental- 778-351-1966
  3. Island EHS 778-406-0933