We Love Building Pools!

Yes, it is true – we have been very busy building pools. To date we have built 6 beautiful pools, but by September we will have built 7 with plans to build up to 2 more in the very near future. Why are we building so many pools? How come you have not heard about the Fisher Rd Recycling swim team? Will our swim team be able to get their swimming licenses amended if they want to switch from the front crawl to the back stroke? While a swimming pool would be nice – the types of pools we are building are rain water collection and recycling pools. Continue reading We Love Building Pools!

Recycling Responsibly in the Cowichan Valley

Welcome to the Fisher Road Recycling Blog! Our facility has changed so much since we took over it’s operation. We decided it was high time we created a dedicated space for photos, news, events, new services and of course promotions!

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Dave Laing and the entire Fisher Road Recycling Team