Recycling – No Charge Materials

You may have noticed and are hopefully currently using our plastics recycling!

There are two different bins for plastics, one is for Film Plastics and the other is for Other Flexible Plastic Packaging.

Click here for a handy guide that distinguishes the two.

But wait, what’s the point in separating?

Well, Film Plastics are able to be recycled no problem. However, the Other Flexible Plastic Packaging requires a more innovative solution. So, Recycle BC partnered with Merlin Plastics to create a pilot project to reuse that material and turn it into a sustainable energy source, called engineered fuel! This could be a substitute for other fuel sources such as coal! Let’s work together to get these plastics to the right place.

See a full list of recyclable items here

Materials Accepted under Recycle BC

Semi – Rigid Plastics

For example: plastic jugs (milk, cooking oil, shampoo bottles, etc), Plastic jars (Peanut butter, etc), plastic containers (margarine, yogurt, etc), plastic packaging, and more – see for full list of acceptable materials under Plastic Containers.

Foam Packaging

For example: Foam trays, foam egg cartons, foam clamshell cups/take out containers, Styrofoam and more. Items that cannot be accepted: Foam Peanuts, packing chips or noodles, blue or pink insulation, see full list visit under Foam Packaging- Note: All containers must be clean and dry, otherwise it cannot be recycled.

Paper Products

For example: Newspapers, flyers, softcopy books, magazines, telephone books, cardboard, paper bags, and more see for full list of acceptable materials under Paper and Paper Packaging for Dry Goods.

Other Flexible Plastics

For example: Zipper lock bags, stand up pouches bags for potato chips, candy bars, packaging for dry pasta, net bags for produce and more, to see full list visit under Other Flexible Plastic Packaging.

Aluminum & Steel Products

For example: Aluminum non-refundable cans and lids for food, aluminum foil wrap and foil take out containers or food trays – Do not include aerosols with these, for proper aerosol container disposal see Paint products.

Film Plastics

For example: Overwrap, bags for produce, bread bags, overwrap for mattresses or furniture, and more,  to see full list visit under Plastic Bags and Overwrap.

Glass Containers

Jars / non – refundable bottles – Must be clean – No lids. For further information visit under Glass Containers

Materials Accepted under other programs

Paint Products

Includes residential paint, paint aerosols, non-paint aerosols, pesticides with DOT#, and more, for full list of accepted materials visit or ask Fisher Road Recycling staff for the Product Care pamphlet. Note: Products must be in original container with legible labels.


Household batteries includes: single use/Alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. See for more information.

Automotive batteries are also accepted.


For free disposal tires cannot have rims, they can be accepted as this facility with rim but for a fee. Tires from following vehicles are accepted: Car, Light truck, motorcycle and ATV. As well as:

Wheel barrow tires: With rim, no rocks or debris inside, tire liners and inner tubes are ok, may have rim bead severed.

Semi-Truck tires (Highway only) may be accepted: 19.5 Inches or larger, no “P’ or “LT” rating, rim bead must be intact but – side walls and tread surfaces may be cut, no rocks or debris inside.

Agricultural tires can be accepted if R1 or R4  
For further information visit

Light Bulbs

Includes: Compact flourscent lights (CFLs), Floursecnt tubes, UV and germicidial bulbs, Incandescent & halogen bulbs, Light emitting diodes (LEDs), Ultra High Preformance (UHP) bulbs, High-intensity discharge (HIDs) – For more information visit

Used Oil Products

Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Oil Containers, Antifreeze and Antifreeze Containers are accepted under BC Used Oil – See BCUOMA – BC Used Oil Management Association – Used oil can be cleaned and used over and over and over for more information

Other Accepted Materials

    • Scrap Metal
    • Household Electronics and Appliances 
    • Propane Tank
**The above highlighted in red is free to dispose of if brought in with other chargeable materials – If brought in on its own a fee will apply.

Yard Waste Drop Off

Classified as grass clippings, leaves, small branches, twigs, flowers and weeds It Cannot Contain:
  • Branches larger than 3″ in diameter
  • Invasive species
  • Garbage or plastics
  • Rocks
  • Sod
  • Dirt

Examples of an invasive species?

  • Giant Hogweed
  • Knotweed
  • Poison Hemlock
  • Daphne/Spurge Laurel

For more information regarding invasive species visit under Yard and Garden