Waste Disposal

Q: What goes in your green bin?
A: Coffee grounds, tea bags, food scraps, meat & fish scraps/ bones, egg shells, fruit & vegetable, nuts & shells, bread & bagels, used paper plates & cups, napkins and tissues

Q: What can’t I put in ?
A: Plastics, plastic lined paper products, pet waste, cat litter and sanitary products.

Q: Biodegradable or Compostable bags? what’s the difference ?
A: Bags or liners must be compostable, as much as biodegradable bags are a step in the right direction unfortunately it doesn’t decompose quickly enough for composting purposes. If you’re unsure, paper bags (no plastic lining ) are always compostable and they also help absorb moisture and odours in your bin.

Disposal Fees Apply to:

  • Residential Garbage
  • Food waste
  • Wood- Clean, unpainted, untreated, unstained and not rotten – painted, treated, stained wood will be treated as garbage
  • Drywall – must be 1990 or newer , otherwise asbestos testing must be conducted prior to disposal at this facility
  • Concrete, Brick & Ceramics
  • Sod, Dirt and Rocks
  • Asphalt singles
  • Tar and Gravel roofing
  • Fridges, Freezers or watercoolers
  • Land clearing

..and more! Not sure if we’ll accept it? Give us a call at 250-733-2108 or come speak with a staff member today!

For up to date rates please ask our Scale Attendant for a Drop Off Price Sheet!